John and I decided we wanted to remodel our home. We wanted to double the size of our family room, add on a master bedroom with a full bath and a laundry room. We wanted to find a good builder who could do a remodel job for us and make sure our home would not look like it was pieced together. Dave Coffin did a wonderful job for us. In our family room we have chair railings and Dave was able to make the chair railings exact. We were used to a lot of natural light so Dave suggested using a sliding door and he also put in sky lights which puts off quite a bit of light, much more than we expected. We enjoy our home so much now and so does the rest of our family. It is large enough to accommodate our extended families and then some.
We told Dave what we wanted and he was able to do it. Dave is very meticulous about his work and his contractors work. He was always checking and rechecking to make sure everything was done right. He gave us a time line when we could expect the work done and he kept to that time line even through the weather did not cooperate with us all the time. There are builders out there who will do a job for you but will use the cheapest materials and cut corners every way they can. Dave does not do that. His work is top quality work and we are very proud to tell everyone who did the work for us because he did such a great job. If you stepped into our home, you could not tell which part was remodeled and which part was original. Even the appraiser had to ask what was added. The appraiser could not tell where the old ended and the new began. Now that is a GREAT JOB!

John & Cathy Somsen, Chubbuck, Idaho

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